The following pictures are from Layard's book Babylon and Ninevah, Second Expedition. Since the copyright (1853) has expired on this important work and we have a copy in very good condition, we are trying to preserve the images electronically. If possible we will include the page on which the "engraving" is found and Layard's caption. 
The king superintending the removal of the colassal bull
A closer view of the same frame
Page 115 

Cart with Ropes, and Workmen carrying Saws, Picks, and Shovels, for moving Colossal Bull (Kouyunjik)
Page 134 

Remains of the Grand Entrance of the Palace of Sennacherib
Please note that three sides of the statue are laid out on a single plane.
Page 137a  
Jewish Captives from Lachish (Kouyunjik)
Page 152 
A winged bull discovered at Arban. (1110x1200)
Page 284 
Attendants carrying pomegranataes and locust
Entrance to a Small Tenple (Nimroud)

  The Assyrians skin their captives. (1280x872)
Page 350 The Entrance to the Temple High Mound (Nimroud)
Plate 350-351 


  Musicians and Singers coming out to meet the Conquerors. (1800x480)
Page 455 

  The Assyrians skin their captives. (1280x872)
Page 457 

  The Assyrians torture their captives. (1740x600)
Page 458 

  A man and his dog. (1024x888)
Page 527 

Tiglath Pileser III. (1024x660)
Page 619 

  Sennacherib. (320x640)