Book I
Chapter II



Man hath his being from God; and that God is in man, and man in God

ET quomodo invocabo deum meum, deum et dominum meum, quoniam utique in me ipsum eum invocabo, cum invocabo eum? et quis locus est in me, quo veniat in me deus meus? quo deus veniat in me, deus, qui fecit caelum et terrain? itane, domine deus meus, est quicquam in me, quod capiat te? an vero caelum et terra, quae fecisti et in quibus me fecisti, capiunt te? an quia sine te non esset quidquid est, fit, ut quidquid est capiat tel quoniam itaque et ego sum, quid peto, ut venias in me, qui non essem, nisi esses in me non enim ego iam in inferis,1et tamen etiam ibi es.  nam etsi descendero in infernum, ades. non ergo essem, deus meus, non omnino essem, nisi esses in me. an potius non essem, nisi essem in te, ex quo omnia, per quem omnia, in quo omnia? etiam sic, domine, etiam sic. quo te invoco, cum in te sim? aut unde venias in me? quo enim recedam extra caelum et terrain, ut inde in me veniat deus meus, qui dixit: caelum et terrain ego impleo?


AND how shall I call upon my God, my Lord and God? Because that when I invoke him, I call him into myself: and what place is there in me fit for my God to come into me by, whither God may come into me; even that God which made heaven and earth? Is it so, my Lord God? Is there anything in me which can contain thee? Nay, can both heaven and earth which thou hast made, and in which thou hast made me, in any wise contain thee? Or else because whatsoever is, could not subsist without thee, must it follow thereupon, that whatsoever hath being, is endued with a capacity of thee? Since therefore I also am, how do I entreat thee to come into me, who could not be, unless thou wert first in me? For I am not after all in hell, and yet thou art there: For if I go  down into hell, thou art there also.2 I should therefore not be, O God, yea I should have no being at all, unless thou wert in me: or rather, I should not be, unless I had my being in thee; of whom,  and through whom, and to whom are all things.3 Even so it is, Lord, even so. Wherefore, then, do I invoke thee, seeing I am already in thee? Or whence caust thou come into me? For whither shall I go, beyond heaven and earth, that from thence my God may come unto me? Who hath said, "The heaven and earth do I fill."4

1In inferis: most MSS. inferi.
2Ps. xiii. 28
3Rom. xi. 36
4Jer. xxiii.24