1.    UnZip your downloaded file to your desktop.

2.    Usually a module that you have downloaded has a readme file that instructs you to add a line to the books.bna file.

a.    The line will look like this: PAC,Abelard Misfortunes,Abelard Misfortunes,PAC 

Remember that the actual line or lines may vary, but go with what the file says.  If you don't add the line it will not affect the compiling of the module, but it merely allows the software to identify what the three or four letter code means.

b.    A QUICK WAY TO COPY: Highlight the line, hold the CTRL key down and hit the C key.

3.    Now we need to find the books.bna file. The books.bna  file is found in the following directory, but only  if you did the standard install:
C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7\init
4. When you find that file right click on the file name and select edit.  This will bring the file up in Notepad or some other text editor.  Scroll down the file to the end and hold down the control key and press V.  If you have done the copy command (CTRL C) correctly, the line you want added will appear.  Hold down the CTRL key and hit S.  Exit the text editor.

5. Copy the module directory to your userdb directory which usually appears here:

C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7\userdb

6. Open your Version Database Compiler

7.    When thefollowing dialogue box appears choose Open
8.    On the file requester go to your Abelard directory and open the file with the .ddf file extension (click Open).

9. When the previous screen appears make sure that the Install after Compiling box is checked and finally click the Compile button.

10.    Copy the file with the .BWW extension to you databases directory which usually appears here:
C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7\databases
11.    If you have problems email me at dan.dyke@fuse.net.  If you include your phone number I will call you on my toll free number and walk you through it, if necessary.