The Book of Numbers
"Reading a census is like going to the dentist, but reading two is getting a root canal!"
by Daniel J. Dyke
DATE:  There are two ways of dating a book--the dramatic date and the date of composition. AUTHORSHIP:  Moses or ?

OUTLINE:  The outline of the book is chiastic.  In chiasm the first and last point are the same.  As the writer adds a point in the first half of the book a similar point is made in the second half of the book.  The book works toward a central point (the apogee), which is usually the main point of the work.  The book must then be reread with the apogee governing the interpretation of the rest of the work.

C -- THE CENTRAL POINT: The forgivable (through sacrifice) and unforgivable sins.  If there are these two categories of sin then it is imperative to accurately define each type and discover the topics bearing on the rest of the book. B/B' -- Stories about Traveling to the Land of Promise and Committing Sins:  The stories of travel deal with an eleven day journey of praise to the land of promise that turned into a nightmare lasting for forty years.  The sins of the people in each section are worth examining.

C/C' -- Census and Legal Matters