An Internet Greek Dictionary
Designed for the Students in the Greek Tools class.
Requires  bwgrkl.ttf/sgreek.ttf  Fonts

A&a- Alpha
B&b -Beta
G&g - Gamma
D&d - Delta
E&e - Epsilon
Z&z - Zeta
H&h- Eta
Q&q - Theta
I&i - Iota
K&k - Kappa
L&l - Lambda
M&m - Mu
N&n - Nu
X&x  - Xi
O&o - Omicron
P&p - Pi
R&r - Rho
S&s&j - Sigma
T&t- Tau
U&u - Upsilon
F&f - Phi
C&c- Chi
Y&y - Psi
W&w - Omega


A Complete Frequency List of the Vocabulary of the New Testament (These are very large files when printed! [300 pages])

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**This is guaranteed to work only with WORD 97 inasmuch as Microsoft has made it impossible for Word 95 and Word 97 to share files without a patch.  Solution: get the patch or buy Word Perfect 9.0.