The False Prophet in the New Testament

Sometimes we think of things in the Old Testament as alien or foreign to the New Testament, but the false prophet appears in both. The New Testament is very clear that these persons would come not only in the days of the apostles, but also would be there until the end of the world.  In the following passages please note these things if the text deals with them:

What is their true inward nature. Note the literal descriptions and the metaphors used.  If a metaphor is used what do you think it means? How is a Christian supposed to respond according to the text? What is their punishment like if it is mentioned? What specific things do they do that are evil? Who are their associates and friends either in this world or the world to come?
Mathew 7:15






Mark 13:22


Luke 6:26


Acts 13:6


2 Pet. 2:1


1 John 4:1


Rev. 16:13