Reading  List

    Get your answers from the text of the Bible.  Do not tell me what you think or what your theology is.

General Questions from the Textbook

Obadiah was a contemporary of  Elijah, Elisha and Joel.  What were the most significant differences between the writer of our book and Elijah (I Kings 7- 2 Kings 2)?


1.    This book was written as a prophecy against someone.  Against whom was this book written?
2.    I  place Obadiah in the reign of Jehoram in the ninth century. Describe what it was like during that time. (II Chronicles 21:8-20)
4.    From the book itself answer the following:

a.    What was the source of Edom's pride?
b.    What did Edom do to Judah that invoked the wrath of God?
c.    In the book God will ultimately save Judah from all her enemies.  What will that salvation be "like" according to the book?
d.    Compare what will happen to Edom in Obadiah to what will happen to them in Amos 9.
e.    Why is Edom called Esau and Israel called Jacob?
5.    One city in Edom was a mountain fortress called Sela (Petra in Greek). It, like other cities of Edom, was set in the rocky hills and terrain of the region.  The name Sela means "The Rock."  This type of fortress city caused the people to be proud and arrogant because they thought they were safe.  Safety led to arrogance and arrogance brought forth acts of  pride. What does God say about what he will do to their "safe" cities?
6.    Contrast what happens to Edom in the last chapter of Amos with what is said here.

A Heretical Thought: If God condemned a nation in the ancient world who had so much pride that they abused others, would he do the same today?