The prophet Amos preached about social injustices that sprang from the Baalism of his time.  Baalism, with its emphasis on sensuality, brutality, and power, opened the door for those with power to exploit those who did not have power.  Power in this case was the use, acquisition, and abuse of wealth.  The two great kings of the time were Uzziah (Judah) and Jeroboam II (Israel).  They had been able to get  their two countries to cooperate and as a result the borders grew to Solomonic proportions.

    It was a time in which the number of rich people reached an all time high, but the poor class as well reached an all time low.  Literally the middle class vanished.  Where did the poor class come from?  From the middle class it found its members.  Where did the rich get their money?  Many were their sources, some of which were legitimate, but some of which were so dishonorable that they evoked the wrath of God.  Yahweh pictures himself as the one who roars or thunders his voice from Zion and his rage will destroy all pagans, including Israel and Judah. His primary is reason for this rage and wrath is how these people treat each other and the  members of their society who do not have the power to defend themselves.


1.    According to Amos, what was his profession(s)?
2.    How did men abuse women in this book?  Give a chapter and verse for each abuse.
3.    Where do we have clear references of women abuse poor people?  How did they do it?
4.    What sins did the foreign nations do according to Amos?  Find the one example of God both judging and avenging the same nation.
5.    According to the text what does a good man do?