The purpose of these exercises is to get the student to read the text of the prophetic books.  This page will be updated frequently. Weekly quizzes will be given to measure the student's understanding of the exercises.

If you type out the answers to the exercises, put them in a notebook, and they make sense (i.e. it sounds like you really did think), you will receive bonus points for the final grade.

Click on the name of the topic to receive the exercises associated with it.  The books are listed in historical order.

Part 1: Introductory Matters

Week 1

1.    A prophet is one who is conscious of being called by God
Week 2
2.      Jeremiah's Call - He was always on God's mind
3.      False Prophets - How to test them:
Week 3
4.      NT False Prophets -
5.      Female Prophets -
Week 4
6.      The Man of Sorrows -
PART 2:    Literary Prophets

7.      Obadiah and the Destruction of Edom -
8.      Joel & Jonah
9.      Hosea
10.    Amos:
11.    Isaiah
12.    Micah
13.    Nahum

14.    Zephaniah
15.    Jeremiah
16.    Habakkuk

17.    Daniel
18.    Ezekiel

19.    Haggai
20.    Zechariah
21.    Malachi