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Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary
(Formerly known as Cincinnati Bible Seminary/Cincinnati Christian Seminary)

Volume I

       -- Number 1, October, 1954
         Issue Overview
           John William Wade, "Apostasy and Protests"
           R. C. Foster "Apostasy in Our Colleges"
            J. Willis Hale "Resistance to Comity"
           Harvey C. Bream "Plight of the Local Congregation"

Volume II
Volume III

Volume IV
Volume V
Volume VI
        -- Number 1, Fall 1959
         Issue Overview
           R. C. Foster "The Undenominational Church in a Denominationally Minded World"
           William Blake "Alexander Campbell, Apostle of Truth"

        -- Number 3, Spring, 1960
          Issue Overview
            E. Richard Crabtree "Secular Threats to Christianity:  Hedonism"
            W. Floyd Heiney "Secular Threats to Christianity:  Naturalism"

Volume VII

Volume IX
Volume X
Volume XI
        --Number 1, Fall 1964
         Issue Overview
           R. C. Foster "The New Testament and the Unity of the Church"

       --Number 2, Winter 1965
        Issue Overview
          James D. Bales, "Atheism, Faith and Fruits"

       --Number 3, Spring 1965
        Issue Overview
          George Mark Elliott, "Modern Views of the Origin and Nature of the Day of the Yahweh"

       --Number 4, Summer 1965
        Issue Overview
          W. W. Winter, "The Nature and the Development of Spiritually Among Christian Leaders"

Volume XII

       -- Number 3, Spring 1966
            Issue Overview
            Sam E. Stone, "Improving the Church Paper"

Volume XIII
Volume XIV

        -- Number 4, Summer 1968
        Issue Overview
            R. J. Kidwell, "Graded Worship"
Volume XV
Volume XVI
Volume XVII
Volume XVIII
Volume XIX
Volume XX
Volume XXI
Volume XXII
        -- Number 1, March, 1976
            Jack W. Cottrell "The Gospel According to Paul:  Theological Outline of Romans 1-8"

Volume XXIII
Volume XXIV
Volume XXV

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