Modern Views of the Origin and Nature of the Day of Yahweh

Volume XI --  Number 3
Spring, 1965
pp. 35-78
(C)opyright 1965
All Rights Reserved
The Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary
The Writer

    George Mark Elliott, academic dean, Old Testament and Theology, The Cincinnati Bible Seminary.

    The article in this issue of the Review was originally submitted as chapter two of a seven-chapter work entitled, The Old Testament Use of "the day of the LORD" (Yom Yahweh).  This was Professor Elliott's B.D. thesis (pp. xi + 314) completed at the Winon Lake School of Theology, Winona Lake, Indiana.  This thesis was approved by Dr. Edward J. Young and Dr. Milford F. Henkel.  Some assistance was also received from Charles F. Pfeiffer and Professor Wesley L. Gerig.  Certain minor adjustment have been made in the format, together with other slight changesm in order to print this chapter in The Seminary Review.

Typed:  Michael Riggs