Volume I --  Number  1
October, 1954
p. 1
(C)opyright 1954
All Rights Reserved
The Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary

    For Many years the Cincinnati Bible Seminary has published the Report, a paper designed to present news of the activities, progress, and future plans of the school.

    In addition to this monthly publication, it is now proposed that the faculty of the Seminary edit a quarterly, called The Seminary Review.  The new periodical will have as its purpose:

    1. to provide factual and annotated information on subjects pertinent to the understanding and spiritual growth of Christians.
    2. to afford opportunity for those who have studied in Bible College to refresh their thoughts their thoughts concerning important topics of study, and for those who have not attended a Christ-centered school to view a sample of the subject matter which contributes to the training of a Christian worker.
    3. to stir up investigation and provoke thought through directing Christians to book that have proved value, providing rebutal to books that have proved misleading or destructive, and reviewing new literature of religious import.
    4. to defend the faith revealed through God's Word, endeavoring to hold forth the restoration of the New Testament Christianianity and the unity of all Christians.

Typed: Michael Riggs