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Volume III --  Number  2
Winter, 1957
(C)opyright 1957
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The Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary

    Eschatology, the doctrine of last or final things, is a popular subject of discussion.  Only certain phases of the doctrine, however, seem to receive special attention.  The second coming of our Lord, the order of events toward the end of time, the other wordly aspects of the coming age, and the prospects of heaven - all of this arouses intense interest.  In contrast, the subject of hell has been generally avoided.  Both the lack of belief and man's natural aversion to condemnation have contributed to this neglect.  One need not subscribe to the imaginative portrayl of eternal punishment found in medieval art to have, at the same time, a deep realization of the reality of hell's existence.  When we hear of "another world," we are even more dependent upon knowledge and teaching of Jesus than when we are told of the things of this world, where some of His wisdom can be tested and substantiated.
    Not through pleasant attraction, but in a concious effort to stand aware of Jesus' teaching in every phase of his message to man, we turn to his instruction concerning hell.
Typed:  Michael Riggs