Welcome to Introduction to Biblical Language Tools

The Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. In order to accurately read, study, and explain the Scriptures, preachers and teachers should be able to do basic word studies in the original languages.

This course introduces students to the basic tools available for doing word studies.  It then presents processes that use these tools to deepen one's understanding of the text both for individual study and for teaching others.

*** Please Note:
Knowledge of computers, file manipulation, and the basics of installing and maintaining software are a must for this class. The instructor cannot be responsible to teach you proper use of the computer, nor how to use internet files and formats, or how to use Internet Explorer or similar web page display programs. Furthermore, internet access and a good understanding of how to use the internet for E-mail access, attachments, and Blackboard access is essential for this class.
You are assigned a user name and password for the Blackboard site upon registration for the class (if you don’t have that already) by the registrar’s office, and it is the student’s responsibility to be conversant with how the Blackboard internet site works, and where and how to obtain information posted there. Any problems accessing Blackboard must be handled through either the registrar’s office or the IT department. Do not assume you can “just figure it out later” – you must understand how to use it before beginning the class. Any problems accessing the internet, running the Course CD or installing the Online Bible program and accessory software must be handled at the beginning of the semester. I will not accept as an excuse “I couldn’t get the software to work” halfway into the class! I am not trying to be difficult or unreasonable – these are simply the realities of taking a distance learning class. The responsibility is on you to make sure things are working and that you have the necessary technical skills to allow you to focus on the class work, rather than the means of accessing it.
This class is offered every semester; therefore if you realize you are not technically prepared to take a class like this you can brush up on your computer and Internet skills and then take the class at a more suitable time down the road.
E-mail will be the primary means of communication in this course. Since spam (junk E-mail) is such an issue in today’s computer experience, I must require that you reference in the subject line of any E-mail one of these terms (without the quote marks):“BLA”; “Language tools”; or “Assignment.” This will ensure my spam filters do not automatically reject your E-mail as junk mail. I will not be responsible for deleted E-mail which does not conform to this requirement.

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